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About Us

About Us

Our history

PACTSA (In English: Automation and Total Control Projects) started the tenth of January in 2010, in response to the great demand for equipment integration. The partners, working independently, decided to join efforts to be able to offer better service to our clients, mainly with Hayes-Lemmerz, known today as Maxion Wheels. At the beginning only automation services were offered, while training and developing our team. At the end of the same year the first complete integration started (turnkey) for complete systems, which include robotics, motion control, vision systems, PLC, Scada, networks, design and manufacturing of equipment.

8 years of experience

Great clients

The best quality

Automation, training and specialization

PLC, Scada, networks, design and more

Some of our services


Installation, connecting and mounting of devices such as electrovalves, cylinders, grippers, clamps, etc.


Assembly, modification and startup of Equipment, designs of poka yokes for production lines, design and manufacturing of tools.


Electrical board assembly and dwg diagrams in AutoCAD.

Why Choose Us?


Committed to the client, offering the best quality in products and projects, giving professional service and good delivery time; developing profitable businesses, maximizing productivity in its processes and services, using automated systems development, engineering, robotics, manufacturing and installation of equipment. PACTSA has a group of capable engineers to carry out any complete automation project.


Leaders in the area of industrial automation projects, committed to our clients: providing innovation, technology and skills to be able to compete successfully in the international market with excellence based on continuous training of our employees, respecting the environment and invested in the development of the country.


  • Responsibility.
  • Respect.
  • Integrity and Honesty.
  • Teamwork and Efficiency.

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